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Wow what a fucking year it's been. If nothing else it's probably the most productive I've ever been while simultaneously being very lazy. Almost everything that I've done this year has been told in detail by people far more talented than me and in greater detail, so this will be somewhat more personal and all that stuff.

However... Duncan & Jones 3.

What a fucking ride! I love that mad bastard @Snackers to bits and I am very glad I met him. He was the one who got me properly into voice acting in the first place. aaaaallllllllll the way back in Jenker goes to gamestop. I have never been more proud to be apart of such a massive project. He's a real one but chances are if you're following me or even just see this you already know. Anyway super cool to see it come to life and the development process of the whole thing was awesome. iu_218761_6630437.png

More personal shit and hidden projects that didn't come to be because I'm lazy:

First off big, BIG, BIGGER than that shout out to @Wandaboy and @Ninjamuffin99 type beat stuff was off the fucking table and a joy to make. Got me into music way more and warms my heart everytime I think about you lads. two of the best guys I've had the pleasure to meet and made my Summer better than bearable and dare I say really fucking good. Being apart of that Pico day Collab really made me feel apart of the group and like I had a place on this site so, again huge shout out.

anyway I started off this year in a kind of weird place trying to write a peom every week and posting it. That did not last long and was kind of embarassing looking back, but hey whatever. Speaking of embarassing stuff I'm going to try and put out at least one track per month this year (hopefully more than that and there's something huge cooking up that's been in the works since October).

I spoke of the Pico day Collab before but this year was a year for them and holy shit was I apart of them in the worst way possible and I loved every second of it. Pico day, Smash collab, TF2 collab, CaramelDansen, Wanda's birthday collab and of course naturally the forbidden Final Fantsay 7 Collab. Probably my biggest ever claim to fame and the stupidest thing I've ever done. You've heard the story once you've heard it a thousand times, either way the situation was described in an epsiode or the Newgrounds Podcast which I will put in when I edit this at not 5 a.m..

Final Fantasy Collab still not on my profile which I find very funny might even prefer it that way.


Bread rap

Now I present a horror story that I spent 24 U.S dollars on. I won't name any names and I've kept this very private until now but closer to the ending of this year I decided I wanted to get more material for a demo reel. I've been told to make a demo reel since 2017 so I figured it was about time. So I reached out to someone that wanted an audio book sort of thing done. They said they wanted 30 chapters and I was like sweet I get to read a book I've always kind of wanted to do that. Then I figured out it was a university book about psychology that was 500 pages long. Hence why I never said anything about it. It was awful. Nothing more to add about that.

There are many things I have unmade in my google docs that I intend to tease more or release very soon, like the aforementioned demo reel. I will do that when I get a new microphone and get settled in after I move. Speaking of the move it's not huge but, I am moving to America for about 6 months to take care of my grandfather. If I vanish and release nothing this year that's what happened but it's very unlikely (this isn't horribly cropped by me the video is just like that).


Live action bits are something that I love doing and I hope to try and normalise here on newgrounds as long as they're high quality, I'm on that quest along with @littlbox (who is a real one also). I've thrown them into the collab here and there and hopefully another one soon.

At this point this thing is way too fucking long and I haven't added any links or images yet but it's super late for me

iu_218763_6630437.png (oops) but I want to give a huge shout out to some of the musicians who have inspired me, kept me up and night and brought me to the brink of tears a good few times. Those lovely gentlemen would be none other than:

@Dogl great guy, of course you know him because who doesn't and if you don't you should be ashamed. Dudes my age roughly and oozes talent, but he deletes everything please stop and bring back tripped and fell.

@kawaisprite started listening to him late last year and got the pleasure to talk with him and know him better this year. Genuine guy who I feel very open to talk with. Huge inspiration and is a real G for hopping on souljaboy type beat iu_218764_6630437.png

@heyopc listened to a MASSIVE amount of this dude this year, got me though some shit and if you see this I want to work with you on something soon but I am too afraid to ask yet because frankly I haven't proven shit for myself. I know Zucko G doesn't have a Newgrounds account but I listened to a bunch of his stuff this year as well. Just figured I'd attach my thanks to him here.

@Droid real funny guy, great music what else do you want. I also really want to work with you but am too afraid to ask again because I haven't proven my worth.

And finally @theburger20052 Amazing musician here on Newgrounds. A massive library of stuff he's made of lofi and ambiant stuff and the real killer. He's only 15. 50 audio tracks and 36 fans. Really check this dude out fuckin' awesome shit. please follow. My favourite track is probably Love Mode, but 2009 and thinking are real fucking good as well.


All in all it was great year. I'm sure there's some shit I left out but I want to thank each and everyone of my close friends on here. You really do make me fell special and I'd be absolutlely miserable without you guys. <3

@B1shop213 you a real fucking asshole but thank you for the dope ass Duncan & Jones fanart/400 fans art

Above all thank you @TomFulp for saying swag. That was the coolest feeling ever. iu_218765_6630437.png




After lying to myself and editing this at very early in the morning this is way too long but if you get down here thank you.


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